How To Find Your Ring Size

Ways to Find Your Ring Size:

Finding your ring size in the comforts of your home is possible. What if you’re purchasing a ring online ? Or you don’t have time to go to a jeweler?

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to go and visit a jeweler or we already found a trusted jeweler online and have to find our right ring size on our own. So here’re easy steps to follow in measuring your ring size at home:

Using a String or Piece of Paper

Personally, I’m more comfortable using a tailor’s tape or strip of paper preferably ¼ inch wide and about 4 inches long but you may also use a string. You’ll also need a tape and a marker.

  1. Tape one end of the paper to your knuckle part then wrap the paper around your finger. If you’re using tailors tape, mark your starting point with the marker. Make sure that there’s enough room for it to pass over your knuckles and to do that more accurately, If you’re using tailors tape.
  2. Mark the other end of the paper that meets the taped end/ the point where the paper overlaps and where it forms a complete circle.
  3. Using a ruler, measure the length of the strip of paper from the starting end with a tape up to the other end with a mark. In other terms, measure the entire length of the paper that forms a ring or where it overlaps or meets around your finger.
  4. Compare your measurement with this Visit table above
  5. I suggest that you tape the two meeting ends together so it forms a paper ring. Once done, try to put on the paper ring to your measured finger and try to remove it. I also would recommend to do this kind of measuring at least twice or thrice to make sure you got your ring size correctly.

Using an Existing Ring

This is another way of measuring your ring size and really does work provided that the existing ring fits perfectly. Simply print the table below and make sure that you got the right scale by matching on the millimeter size on Table 3 with any measuring device like a tailor’s tape or ruler. Scale it until you get the right size on the print.

There are different ways to find your ring size using Table 3 provided you have the right scale:

  1. Measure the inside diameter or distance across of the ring you currently have in millimeters and find the nearest measurement on the table.
  2. Another way is to simply place the ring over the nearest size circles. Make sure that the inner edge of your ring aligns with the outher edge of the printed circle.

Rings are great additions to anyone’s accessory because most designs are versatile pieces. It’s a good personal investment as well. Some even sleep with their rings on and just wear it with all their outfits. Rings have also been a popular symbol of love and commitment through the years and that is why it is given to one another in most wedding ceremonies. So if you’re thinking of proposing, make sure you got the right ring size of your partner to avoid any awkwardness and hassles.

 The factors that need to be considered to get an accurate ring size measurement:

Our ring size will have a slight difference depending on what time of day you measure it or the weather so when measuring your finger size, do it at the time of day when it is the largest. Fingers are smaller in the morning so it’s best to measure your finger at the end of the day or late afternoon. Also, do not measure your fingers when you feel cold as our finger size is smaller in cold temperatures but swells in heat. Pregnancy and athletic work outs also can cause our fingers to puff up.

Our ring size on our left hand is different from our right hand. When measuring for a ring, do not assume that the measurement on your left ring finger will fit perfectly to your right ring finger.

The right measurement not only needs to fit comfortably on the place where a ring sits but it should also fit snuggly over your knuckle. Not too loose that it falls off easily but also not too tight that you’ll have to go great lengths just to take the ring off.

Wider band rings will have a tighter fit compared to rings of the same size but having a narrower band.

If it’s a surprise gift to a special someone, you can ask a trusted friend or a family member to do it for you but make sure that they do it at the right time of the day when the finger size is largest.